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Expect professional service from a skilled plumber at Mission Plumbing in Mission Texas. We offer repair for commercial tankless water heater and residential tankless water heater.

Our company offers water heater repair or water heater replacement services 24-hour a day. If you have an emergency, we can provide residential plumbing services or commercial plumbing services to get you at full operation right away. One of the most sought after services that we provide is a hot water heater service. The reason is that people trust Mission Plumbing when it comes to water heater repair and replacement.

Water heater replacement is not an easy task, and it is definitely not a do it yourself task at home. Let a Mission Plumbing water heater expert help you determine which one is right for you and your budget. Our company will provide full installation for you at an affordable price. Our plumbers can install almost any type or brand of water heater, including a tankless water heater.

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At some point, your hot water heater may stop producing hot water or you might hear a subtle rumbling noise coming from your garage. This seems to happen at the worst times like a holiday, or weekend when it happens to be at the worst times.

Most issues you will find with your water heater revolve around the following problems: a lack of hot water, rust-colored water, a rotten egg odor, high pitched or rumbling noises, and water heater leaks. Most of these require low maintenance fixes, such as replacing a part as an element. Other water heaters, unfortunately, require more high maintenance repairs, such as flushing out your water heater or replacing it completely.

One issue of many hot water heater problems is an eroding anode rod, which is very common. This anode rod protects your hot water heater’s interior lining by dissolving and erosion by “killing” itself in the place of the water heaters’ tank walls. When the corrosion of the anode rod is too great the tank lining begins to erode. This can result in either rusty colored water or smell like rotten eggs. Because this is one of the most frequent water heater repairs, the water heaters anode rod can be replaced by one of our plumbers cheaply.

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Another problematic part being the cause of an issue is inadequate hot water. When a hot water heater stops producing any or little hot water, it is most likely the result of a broken thermocouple or a gas pilot. Moreover, when the water is running cold it is usually because cold and hot water is inter-mixing in the tank. When this happens, you may need a dip tube replacement.

If a broken dip tube is not the cause of your water heater ineffectiveness, it may show that there are cross-connections. Water heaters are usually connected to the same water line, like the other appliances in your home, different water temperatures can often mix together. To see if this is the problem, turn off the water to your gas or electric water heater and turn open the hot water tap faucet. If water starts to flow, this could mean the cold water connection is crossing with the water heaters hot connection and thus you get not enough hot water.

Installing or replacement parts for your water heater is an easy fix. Although, sometimes the repair can be labor intensive if it is a complex repair. One example is when you flush your water heater out. This job can make a mess and be time-consuming if the water heater tank buildup is extensive. If this is the case, a local professional plumber might be the best decision.

Flushing your hot water heater is needed when a lot of sediment builds up causing problems such as leaks, bad smells, and annoying noises.  Example, if your hot water heater is making a loud pitched sound, it is most likely sediment build-up on your electric hot water heating elements.


If the heating tank unit is making more of popping noise, or a low rumble this is probably water boiling because a good deal of sediment is growing at the bottom of the water heaters tank. This will make the water get very hot. Either way, the water heater tank is to be flushed with a hose.

I know all these problems can seem overwhelming!  Here at Frank Gay Plumbing Services we have licensed plumbers that can repair your water heater for a low cost to your home or office. Sometimes the problem is a result of multiple factors or your water heater may need to replace. If you think you are dealing with a gas leak, please call a professional plumber.  This can prove to be very dangerous, or even fatal.  Gas leaks often smell a little bit like garlic. If this problem is present or suspected, turn off your pilot light, close the natural gas shut-off valve, and wait for your local plumber to proceed.   Call Frank Gay Services Today for any Hot Water Heater Repair or Installation that you may need.  (956) 374-2721

Let’s take a quick look at the components that work together in your hot water heater to make your morning shower so satisfying:

  • Tank – The inner shell of a water heater is a heavy metal tank containing a water protective liner that holds 40 to 60 gallons (151 to 227 liters) of hot water at around 50 to 100 pounds per square inch (PSI), within the pressure range of a typical residential water system. The exterior of the tank is covered in an insulating material like polyurethane foam. Over that, there’s a decorative outer shell and possibly an additional insulating blanket [source: APEC].
  • Dip tube – Water enters the water heater through the dip tube at the top of the tank and travels to the tank bottom where it’s then heated.
  • Shut-off valve –The shut-off valve stops water flow into the water heater. It’s a separate component from the heater located outside and above the unit.
  • Heat-out pipe –Suspended toward the top of the tank’s interior, the heat-out pipe allows the hot water to exit the water heater.
  • Thermostat – This is a thermometer- and temperature-control device. Some electric water heaters have a separate thermostat for each element.
  • Heating mechanism – Electric water heaters have heating elements inside the tank to heat the water. Gas water heaters use a burner and chimney system instead.
  • Drain valve – located near the bottom of the exterior housing, the drain valve makes it easy to empty the tank to replace the elements, remove sediment or move the tank to another location.
  • Pressure relief valve – This safety device keeps the pressure inside the water heater within safe limits.
  • Sacrificial anode rod – Made of magnesium or aluminum with a steel core, the sacrificial anode rod is suspended in the water heater tank to help retard corrosion.